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Problem with Wild Animals

July 6, 2017

Homeowners of Kings Crossing Patio:

It has been brought to the Board’s attention that residents are experiencing a problem with feral cats, opossum, raccoons, rats, and voles destroying their property and leaving feces and urine in and around their property which is a nuisance to the village.
This is a condition caused from feeding animals outside the home and leaving food available for animals to eat which draws other wild animals into the area.

We ask that if you are feeding animals by leaving food outside in the open or inside your garage and leaving the garage door open enough for the animals to come and go, please discontinue this activity.

We are working with City of Houston, private wild animal control individuals and need your assistance so that our efforts will begin to eliminate the problem.

The Board thanks the residents who have been patient in hopes that working among themselves to solve this problem with their neighbors and friends has come to no resolution. They are exhausted and frustrated with the conditions and now we will all work together to remove this element and get back to enjoying our homes and making improvements to the properties.

Thank you for your support and you are welcome to email your management at [email protected] of any information you would like to share.

There will be updates sent to you in the next few weeks.

Ethel McCormick, managing agent
for the Board of Kings Crossing Patio